Tugboat Mega Disposable Vape in Dubai

The Tugboat Mega vape is a single-use device designed for more than 20 days of use. For this purpose, it has a high capacity 10ml cartridge, which is enough for 4000 puffs. The devices feature a powerful and productive 1200 mAh battery. The devices are filled with nicotine-based liquids with a 5% strength and natural flavours. The flavours available range from classic to original and will impress even the most occasional heavy smoker. The main feature of this e-cigarette is the presence of the switch modes, which affects the saturation and density of the vapor.

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Features of the Device

The Tugboat Mega Vape is a modern, disposable device with its own distinctive features:

  • The models are made of durable, refractory plastic. It is impact and shock resistant and reliably protects the interior of the device from damage. The products are designed in a convenient shape and small size, so they fit well in the palm of your hand and do not slip out of your fingers.
  • Like the Tugboat EVO vape, these devices feature vapor adjustment. There are two positions - MTL and TL. The latter suggests a higher concentration of flavourings and vapour, which increases the total nicotine content per serving. Saturation in this case is faster, but the device will not work as long as intended.
  • Another important feature of the Tugboat Mega vape is the large capacity cartridge. It has a capacity of 10 ml, so it is enough for 4000 puffs. On average, this amount is used up in more than 20 days and can replace several packs of regular cigarettes.
  • There are no controls other than the vapour intensity adjustment. The devices do not need to be recharged or refilled. In order for them to work for the entire allotted time, they have 1200 mAh batteries.
  • When you run out of charge or juice, simply throw the device away. Disassembling, attempting to replace components in it is strongly discouraged.

Detailed technical information - dimensions, weight, capacity etc. - Please refer to the product cards for detailed technical information. If you have any questions or need help in making your selection, please contact our managers.

Tugboat Mega 4000 Puffs Vape Flavours

To fill the devices, the brand uses original liquids based on salt nicotine and natural flavors. The formulation's strength does not exceed 5%, which is optimal for beginners and experienced smokers. The range offers a wide range of flavours including:







Green Apple

Green Apple



Energy Drink

Energy Drink; etc.

There are regular and refreshing options to help you relax on a hot day. With the right consistency, you'll clearly notice all the nuances and notes of one flavour or another.

You can also visit our Dubai office and try any of the flavours you like before you buy.

Benefits of a Tugboat Mega Flow Vape

Number 1

Small size, comfortable and practical shape.

Number 2

No need to service, fill or recharge.

Number 3

Turns on after inhalation, no buttons.

Number 4

Adjustable flavour and vapour intensity.

Number 5

Capable of taking 4000 puffs.

Number 6

Wide palette of flavours and combinations.

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