Tugboat Plus Disposable Vape in Dubai

The Tugboat Plus vape is a compact, disposable device. Designed for those who want to increase their daily dose of nicotine and move away from regular cigarettes. Because the device is made in a small size, it is easy to take with you and use when needed. The device emits a good amount of vapor, but does not have an unpleasant odor and is not capable of causing irritation to bystanders. The device is filled with 5% nicotine and salt liquor. The juice supply will last for at least 800 puffs.

You can buy Tugboat disposable vape in Dubai in our online shop. We offer original products from the manufacturer. To buy a new device was convenient for you, we provide delivery in the UAE. If you have difficulty in choosing or need advice on services - contact our managers.

Features of the Models

The Tugboat Plus vape is a classic, single-use, plug-and-play device. It's easy to start - you just need to inhale and the air will pass through the battery, which has a special sensor on it. The device will immediately start to heat the liquid and produce steam. There are no buttons to adjust or set the device. It is worth noting that the amount of smoke produced depends directly on the depth and strength of your breath.

The Tugboat Plus has a number of other features to distinguish it from counterparts and other products:

  • The body is made of durable plastic. It is fully sealed, which eliminates the possibility of leakage. It also protects the interior filling from possible damage.
  • Like the Tugboat XXL, the Plus models are characterised by their compact dimensions. They fit in your pocket and are comfortable in the palm of your hand so they won't slip out of your fingers. You can take it with you and smoke it whenever you want.
  • Equipped with a 2.2ml cartridge you can use up to 800 puffs. The amount is approximate as the device doesn't have a fixed dose of vapor produced. It all depends on the strength and depth of your inhalation. On average, the Tugboat Plus is designed to last at least 10 days of smoking.
  • To ensure the device will last the full stated period and not run out of power sooner, it has a 400 mAh battery. The Tugboat XXL Dubai vape is a single-use device that does not require recharging and does not provide for such an option.

Detailed technical information for each model can be found in the product descriptions. You can also visit our office in Dubai and get a closer look at your chosen device before you buy.

Vape Tugboat Plus 800 Puffs Flavours

For fuelling the devices, the company uses standard salty nicotine-based liquids. The strength of the formulations does not exceed 5%, which is optimal for experienced smokers and beginners. The brand achieves different flavors by adding natural flavors - they are harmless to humans and have a more pronounced aftertaste.

The Tugboat Plus vape range includes 10 main flavours:

Benefits of Vape Tugboat Plus

Number 1

Compact size and clean shape.

Number 2

Automatic control - inhalation is all it takes.

Number 3

Optimal nicotine content of under 5%.

Number 4

Good range of rich flavours.

Number 5

Can handle up to 800 puffs.

Number 6

No maintenance required.

In our company you can also buy other devices of this brand, in particular vape Tugboat V2, V4, Mega etc.