Tugboat V4 Disposable Vape in Dubai

Tugboat V4 500 Puffs Disposable Vape

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The Tugboat V4 is a small, easy to handle vape in a sleek design. It's easy to take with you, in your pocket, bag or backpack. The device is fully automatic, works by inhalation and has no parameter setting option. With its 2ml cartridge you can take around 500 puffs and it should last at least 7 days. Nicotine content in this headspace is under 5% which is ideal for beginners and experienced smokers. At the end of the charge, simply throw the device away. There are 3 devices in one pack.

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Tastes and Features

Technical Specifications

  • The body of Tugboat V4 vape, as in the case of other models of the brand, is made of durable and heat-resistant plastic. Careful design prevents leakage and damage to the internal filling.
  • What sets this model apart from its peers is its small size and low weight - it fits easily in the palm of your hand and is virtually weightless. You can always stash it in your pocket, bag or backpack if you need to.
  • Like the Tugboat V2 vape, this device has no control buttons. All functions and settings are preset, triggered by sensor readings. Switching on is automatic - just take a breath and the device will start.
  • The devices of this line are equipped with 2 ml cartridges. This capacity is enough for about 500 puffs. The exact amount depends on the strength and depth of inhalation. The vapor doses are not adjustable or preset in any way, so you get the amount of nicotine you want.
  • For the Tugboat vape to last the whole allotted time, which is at least 7 days, it has a 330 mAh battery. It does not require and imply recharging during use. When the battery runs out of power, which you can tell by the light indicator on the case, just throw the device away.
  • One pack contains 3 devices. This quantity could easily replace 2 or 3 packs of regular cigarettes if you smoke a lot.

Detailed technical specifications are given in the product descriptions. You can also ask our managers before you buy. If you doubt your choice or don't know what to choose - come to our office and try all the devices you like before you buy them.

Available Tugboat V4 Vape Flavours

The brand uses quality salt nicotine-based liquids to fuel its devices. It contains no solids, so the composition does not release combustion products that are harmful to the body when heated. The strength of the juices does not exceed 5%.

The producer achieves the desired flavour profile by adding natural flavourings. They have a more pronounced taste and a milder aftertaste. Among the available options you can find berry, fruit, refreshing and other combinations. Only popular and in-demand vaping solutions are represented in the lineup:

Pros of the Tugboat V4 Dubai Disposable Vape

Number 1

Compact size and comfortable, concise shape.

Number 2

With 3 devices in one pack, ready to use.

Number 3

Fully automatic, triggered by inhalation.

Number 4

No need to refill or recharge.

Number 5

Large range of original and classic flavours.

Number 6

One device for up to 500 puffs.

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